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Social Life Network Launches Niche Social Network for Tennis and Racket Sports Players

ORLANDO, FL / ACCESSWIRE / September 28, 2017 / Social Life Network, Inc. (OTC: WDLF), a cloud-based social media and social network technology company, based in Denver Colorado, announces the official launch of the social network.

Social Life Network announced today that, per its licensing agreement to build and service custom social networking platforms for international sports verticals, it has officially launched

The international tennis and racket sports social network was soft-launched in the beginning of September, and was introduced to players and spectators at the Colorado State Open, which took place September 15-24. This year was the 126th anniversary of the Tennis tournament, making it one of the oldest sporting competitions in the United States.

"The Colorado State Open was first played in 1891, and now spotlights over one thousand of the top players locally, and from around the world", said Jordan Jacobs, one of the event's coordinators. "We couldn't have been more grateful to have the social network providing a live video feed and ongoing player updates throughout the 10-day event."

Spectators tuned in from around the world to watch their favorite players compete in Colorado, and was accessed more than 250,000 times over the 10-day tournament.

The site is now tracking to hit half a million-page views in its first official month, notes Social Life Network CEO, Shawn Tapp. "It is great to see our social network and video technology used to capture an audience for 10 straight days, and it provides a fantastic advertising opportunity for major brands in the industry."

About Social Life Network (s), Inc. (

Social Life Network is an American for-profit corporation and an online social media and social networking service, based in Denver Colorado. The founders initially launched their social network platform in the emerging cannabis and hemp industry in 2013, but have expanded it to meet the growing demand for niche social networking in the real estate industry and a myriad of sports verticals.

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