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The WeedLife Network Marks the Marijuana Culture’s 420 Celebrations by Offering Steep Advertising Discounts


The WeedLife Network is offering $420 per month off its subscription packages for an entire year, to the first 420 advertisers that sign up

Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) April 01, 2015

The term "420" is thought to have originated decades ago, as the time (4:20 p.m.) when a group of California teenagers would regularly get together after school to smoke marijuana.

However it started, 420 has since become a short-hand term for cannabis use – and April 20, or 4/20, has evolved into something of a national holiday for the marijuana culture.

To help celebrate this year's 420 the WeedLife Network, a rapidly-growing group of websites that help bring cannabis businesses and consumers together, has a special offer for marijuana dispensaries and other cannabis-related companies.

The network went beta on New Year's Day and officially launched in mid-March of this year. It immediately attracted tens of thousands of consumers and businesses looking to connect and communicate, using its wide spectrum of cannabis-related web sites. And that explosion in online traffic "triggered us to roll out the first phase of our advertising packages earlier than scheduled," says Ken Shawn Tapp, the network's co-founder.

Starting April 1, WeedLife will reduce prices on its advertising packages by $420 a month for an entire year, to the first 420 firms that sign up for this unique offer. That's a savings of between 40 and 60 percent for dispensaries and businesses fortunate enough to act quickly, beat out the competition and take advantage of the deal.

Unlike other online services, which have limited reach, these WeedLife subscription packages are available across a wide variety of websites; cannabis industry platforms which are currently reaching hundreds of thousands of people and businesses interested in all things marijuana.

For example, the $699 per month "Silver" advertising package (or $279 monthly with the 420 discount) puts a company's listing on WeedLife's national Dispensary, Edibles and Vape Pens maps, The package also displays the subscriber's coupons and discounts deals throughout another half-dozen cannabis-oriented web sites in the network, including the network's popular Weedealio and Weedpons daily deal and coupon sites.

"These subscription packages are full service," says Andy Rodosevich, one of WeedLife's co-founders. "That means we manage everything each week, including contacting dispensaries and businesses to get their current coupon deals and managing their mobile app deal notifications, so they don't have to remember to do it themselves."

Subscribers are added to the network's search engine, WeedLive – a site that ensures a dispensary or cannabis company website can be directly searched and indexed from any of the WeedLife Network's websites.

"The WeedLive cannabis search engine is our response to popular search engines like Google and Bing, that have turned up their noses at the cannabis industry and have left many company owners scrambling for other creative methods of getting their website on people's radar," says Tapp.

"Those mainstream search engine policies restrict the advertising of cannabis-related products via adword campaigns, a method that this industry was depending on for their website traffic," adds Rodosevich.

For businesses that need marketing to accompany their advertising package, WeedLife also has a "Gold" package – priced at $999 per month, or $579 under the 420 discount – that gives subscribers a customer loyalty mobile app. That out-of-the-box feature provides a myriad of loyalty features designed to keep businesses connected to their customers, so they come back more often.

"And there is much more to come," says Tapp. "We have scheduled the launch of one new website or mobile app for each week through the remainder of 2015, all with some type of free or paid advertising opportunity for cannabis businesses to reach more customers and increase their income faster."

About Weedlife

The WeedLife Network is a series of free-to-use websites specifically designed for the marijuana industry and its consumers; bringing news, sales information and other important cannabis-related data together, all under one online roof. WeedLife's network of web site apps creates an online social marketplace of ideas, products and connections that work with both cannabis producers, distributors and dispensaries, as well as the tens of thousands of ancillary companies supporting the industry.

WeedLife also allows cannabis consumers and businesses to communicate and learn more about each other in a more rapid time-frame -- helping them to better target their products, services and customer needs -- as the cannabis sector's consumer demographic changes, evolves and matures.

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