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The WeedLife Network unveils its latest site, where Colorado-based hemp companies can find financing
The new site is a valuable resource for individuals and businesses looking to fund growth and production operations for hemp companies in the state.

DENVER (June 10, 2016) – As the legal hemp industry rapidly expands, so do the financial demands of industrial hemp companies that need to grow with their businesses. The legal hemp sector also faces its unique own set of challenges; including federal prohibitions that prompt many banks and financial institutions to stay on the sidelines.

But a new alternative is being presented by The WeedLife Network™, a business social network and digital marketplace with more than 40 websites and app tools developed for the hemp industry.

Today The WeedLife Network is unveiling its latest website, – an online space where Colorado hemp companies seeking business funding can be connected to a certified investor network – that will help industrial hemp firms facilitate the financing needed, in order for them to grow and succeed more quickly.

"Companies entering the industrial hemp sector often find themselves in uncharted waters, dealing with financial obstacles that most mainstream businesses never dream of; in particular, the challenge of growing a business without having access to the traditional financing offered by banks," says WeedLife co-founder and CFO Andy Rodosevich, who has more than eight years of experience with funding in this Colorado growth sector.

" aids in connecting Colorado hemp businesses with a funding network of qualified investors," he adds. "Our mission is to help these otherwise marginalized businesses link-up with the financing they need."

Whether preparing to purchase farmland, equipment for processing CBD oil or even the construction or renovation of buildings and structures, using WeedFundit will help companies expedite the typically long and painstaking process of traditionally shopping around for investors.

"We have been developing technology this past year that's similar in function to what you see powering many larger crowd-funding sites", says WeedLife Network co-founder Ken Tapp, a 20-year veteran of the digital marketing industry. "WeedFundit is the first in a series of new websites and apps that we are releasing this summer, that help expedite the connection of capital in the marketplace, with worthy and innovative investment candidates."

"This industry is at a very exciting moment in its history," adds Rodosevich, "and we can help connect these funding groups in our WeedLife Network together with responsible business ventures in the emerging industrial hemp sector here in Colorado. We then plan to expand this service to other targeted markets that are, or will be, experiencing the same type of growth and capital support."'s launch is just the latest milestone for The WeedLife Network. This month the network's parent company, Social Life Network Inc., was approved for trading on the OTC Market under the symbol WDLF.

"WeedFundit is part of our mission to help expedite the growth of the industrial hemp industry, while shortening the learning curve of businesses and companies entering the marketplace," says Tapp.

For additional information and updates on our company and vision please visit us at

About WeedLife Network

The WeedLife Network is a group of free-to-use social websites and marketing apps specifically designed to accelerate the growth of the cannabis industry and shorten the business learning curve for new companies entering the marketplace. 

The WeedLife Network provides an online social platform of connects websites and applications that target the many consumer and business demographics in the cannabis industry, in effort to bring them together for easier collaboration.


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