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The WeedLife Network Unveils its Pro Listings Service, Integrating the Network with the Top Search and Business Directories across the Web


DENVER, Oct. 24, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Social Life Network, Inc. (OTC:WDLF), a business social network and digital marketplace company with media properties in the rapidly expanding legal cannabis industry, is pleased to announce the launch of its latest digital marketing service designed specifically for legal cannabis dispensaries and medical marijuana (MMJ) clinics across the United States as part of its WeedLife Network.

"Our new Pro Listings service is offered through our WeedCircles business social network," stated WeedLife Network co-founder and CFO Any Rodosevich. "It integrates with the top search and business directories across the web so when a dispensary or MMJ clinic submits their information throughout the month it is synced with more than 60 of the top map search websites and mobile apps; including Google Maps, Yelp, Yahoo, Facebook and BING."

The WeedLife Network currently has more than 40 websites and app tools developed for the cannabis and hemp industry.

Two of The WeedLife Network's premier websites, and, were officially launched in late 2013 to provide users with maps and directory websites for locating dispensaries, co-ops, collectives, care givers and medical marijuana doctor clinics in their area.

"Since 2013 many of the people using our social network have been looking for and sharing location information about their favorite local dispensary storefronts and MMJ Doctor clinics," says Ken Tapp, WeedLife's co-founder and CEO. "They've also been sharing their suggestions with the network and as a result of that feedback we launched and to create easy-access resources for them."

And as the websites matured over the next two years, "It was clear that we needed to set them apart from similar sites like WeedMaps and Leafly," added Tapp, a 21-year veteran of the digital marketing industry, "by rebuilding the technology to complement their services rather than compete with them."

These websites now pick-up where other cannabis mapping and review sites leave-off; by acting as a central hub for dispensary owners to list their storefront information and current deals, and for MMJ offices to promote their services.

Dispensary and clinic owners can also monitor online reviews from their customers and patients. So with just one point of entry, the WeedLife Network has streamlined a digital marketing exercise that would otherwise take retail store personnel many hours each week to complete.

With a starting price point of just $99 a month, the Pro Listings service is cost effective for the more than 5,000 dispensaries, co-ops, collectives, care givers and medical marijuana doctor clinics in the United States. Rodosevich estimates that, given the large number of existing business owners relying on their mapping services, the add-on Pro Listings premium service will aid in boosting their online service sales to over five million in 2017.

"Our business model is to provide the cannabis and hemp industry with the tools it needs, to help it learn faster and work more efficiently; thus helping the industry grow faster," Rodosevich says.

"I think we hit the nail on the head with our latest service launch of Pro Listings, especially when you consider how much time and money we are saving the typical dispensary owner and MMJ clinic here in the United States," said Rodosevich.

To get more information and pricing for listing your storefront, clinic or website in Pro Listings, please call 1-844-420-4208 ext. #2 or visit

About WeedLife Network

The WeedLife Network is a wholly-owned property of Social Life Network, Inc. and trades on OTC Markets under the symbol: WDLF. Social Life Networks, Inc. is a group of free-to-use and subscription based social websites and marketing apps specifically designed to accelerate the growth of the cannabis industry and shorten the business learning curve for new companies entering the marketplace.

The network provides an online social platform of connected websites and applications that target the many consumer and business demographics in the cannabis industry, in effort to bring them together for easier collaboration. More information can be found at


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